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One girl's journey of loving food & getting healthy.

Food Discovery

I’m three days into the LCHF lifestyle, and I have to say…I’m totally digging it.

Now, I DID eat an ice cream sandwich on the first night and a popsicle the second night, but I kind of really don’t care. I’m not doing keto, I’m just limiting my carb intake. Even with those little treats, I’m positive that I’m doing my body way better than I was. Continue reading “Food Discovery”


LCHF: First Impressions

I need somewhere to chronicle my story. This is that place. Once I’m feeling a little more inspired, I’ll write more.

Breakfast: Yogurt & Coffee with heavy cream
I usually take my coffee black, so I was surprised at the amount of flavor and richness that the cream added to my coffee…without having to add any sweetener! Continue reading “LCHF: First Impressions”

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