I’m three days into the LCHF lifestyle, and I have to say…I’m totally digging it.

Now, I DID eat an ice cream sandwich on the first night and a popsicle the second night, but I kind of really don’t care. I’m not doing keto, I’m just limiting my carb intake. Even with those little treats, I’m positive that I’m doing my body way better than I was.

Yesterday, I had a lunch fail when I forgot to bring dressing for my salad. I thought oh, I can just smash up this avocado and toss my salad in it! No. Nope. NO. It was so freaking disgusting. I’m not the type to be physically ill because I dislike the flavor/texture of a food, but this was just terrible. I ate the steak out of it and threw the rest out. Thankfully, I didn’t get hungry between lunch and dinner.

In fact, yesterday, I felt really satiated and energized all day. I didn’t get brain fog like I usually do after lunch. Then, for dinner, I made the most perfect meal.

foodTurkey Taco Zucchini Boats are the new love of my life. Seriously. I had them again for lunch today, and they were just as good as last night. I love using zucchini in food type other than Italian or Southern. The Mexican flare was such a nice twist. This is going to be a recipe that stays in rotation for me.

I’m really struggling to keep under 25g of carbs/day. Even just eating vegetables, I’d go over. I’m trying to keep up with net carbs (carbs-fiber), too, but even still. Instead of beating myself up over it, I’m going to remind myself that I’m consuming WAY less carbs than I was before, so I’m still making progress.

I actually really like that I’m not following a “diet” word for word right now. I’m tracking macros, trying to keep my food intake as close to 70% fat-25% protein-5% carbs as I can, and finding foods I enjoy eating. I like not worrying about meeting hard goals or feeling deprived of anything. I feel like I’m actually learning something new about nourishing my body…and I’m not left feeling hungry while doing it!